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f ladion1 OF5 is a portable filtration unit designed for constant off – line filtering of hydraulic and lubricating oils, without offering the system’s simultaneous function. It consists of a filter and a pump, and it is possible to connect an FCU 2000 control unit for particle and oil cleanliness monitoring.


FAF 2 is a portable filtration unit with a robust 7,5KW pump and two filters. Due to the large fluid volume that it filters, is designed for continuous off – line filtration without affecting the rest of the system. The hydraulic oil while sunctioned during the off – line filtration is successively filtered through the two filters and then compressed back to the tank. FCU 2000 electronic monitor placed in various test points, displays cleanliness level continuously, giving immediate results for every 100 ml of fluid. f ladion2


f ladion4 FAM 60 filtration and dehydrating unit is based on the principle of Vacuum dewatering to separate free and dissolved water and gases from hydraulic oil. With HYDAC’s off – line filter element technology and its high particle retention capacity, the unit proves to be extremely economical. All units have an Aqua Sensor AS 1000 for continuous monitoring of the water content. A CS 1000 sensor may be also fitted as an option for simultaneous monitoring of solid particle contamination.
• Extremely low residual water levels
• Longer oil change intervals
• Improved component service life
• Reduction in the Life Cycle Cost

The OLF 15/30/45/60 series of filtration units are designed for stable off – line filtration applications in hydraulic and lubricating systems. The Dimicron elements used in these filters are of a particularly high particle retention and they are an environmentally safe method of disposal.

OF7 filtration unit is designed as a portable service unit for filling hydraulic systems, flushing hydraulic system and for off – line filtration. As an option a CS 1000 contamination sensor can be fitted on the unit. This allows us to simultaneously monitor the particle contamination in the oil.
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f ladion7 The Fluid Control Unit FCU 2000 is a portable device for measuring particle contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems. The values are measured using infrared technology and are in accordance with ISO 4406, SAE 4059 and NAS 1638 classifications.
The Fluid Analysis Set is designed to monitor the level of cleanliness in oil samples. It can be used for analysing oil samples in hydraulic system for solid particles. f ladion8
f ladion9 Water Test Kit is used for quantitative analysis of water in hydraulic and lubricating oil.
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